For over 40 years, Mountain T.O.P. has thrived as a strategic community partner in Grundy County, TN. Mountain T.O.P. focuses on activities such as reducing substandard housing, supporting lifelong learning and leadership, and promoting overall wellness.




Through Christian Community  and faith-based relationships, we help meet the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of all the people we encounter.


The Cumberland Mountain region is a community where families and children thrive and everyone who contributes to the Mountain TOP mission grows through their experience with Christ.  

What we do

In order to achieve our goals, we offer a variety of mission-based programs for youth and adults. Participants can choose to serve the Cumberland Plateau through home repair or day camp programs. Check out our Gratitude Report for a overview of our impact in 2018.

Foundational objective

To meet the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of the people of the Cumberland Mountain region.

We see all four needs as equally important. Through home repairs and day camps, Mountain T.O.P. seeks to meet all of these needs. We serve in partnership with other agencies, churches, governments, businesses, and community leaders to help develop the communities in which we work.

Mountain T.O.P.’s 5 Focus Areas:

  • Eliminating Substandard Housing: to provide direct services and organizational support that addresses severe housing issues in our service area.

  • Leadership: to foster growth among staff, participants, donors and the community.

  • Community Development: to engage in solutions with community partners for holistic and sustainable community growth.

  • Education: to provide and support opportunities for lifelong learning and personal growth for all ages.

  • Health: to promote lifestyles that support healthy choices.

I loved this summer. I met great people, did great projects for great people in the service area, and now have a greater relationship with my Lord than ever. They inspire everyone to care for the planet.
— Steven Stinson, 2018 Summer Staff

2018 impact

  • During the summer of of 2018 our youth summer programs completed 457 service projects with 1,223 volunteers from 76 churches in 20 different states.

  • In 2018, the Summer Adults in Ministry program made an incredible impact with over 1,000 hours of volunteer labor, which is valued at over $21,000.

  • Mountain TOP’s Fall Festival provided 267 coats 1,431 socks, 295 hats 657 pairs of gloves, 250 scarves, and 252 lunches.

  • During the Fall Adults in Ministry Season 207 volunteers completed 9 major home repair projects that include: foundation repairs, roof replacement and full siding replacement.

  • 1,013 healthy lunches provided through all Day Camp Programs

  • 92% of children/youth who agreed that they learned how to make healthy choices at camp.

  • 85.3% of children/youth agree they’re a good leader after they spent a week at camp.

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