Spring Breakout



Spring BreakOut is an immersion program that gives participants the ability to contribute to rural poverty solutions. through major and minor home repair projects.


February through April, Mountain T.O.P. offers week-long programming for organizations and families. Groups participate in service projects and can choose to participate in spiritual life programming led by the staff. Register for Spring 2019, today!


Spring BreakOut is unique with respect to its flexibility and service opportunity. Groups choose their own dates and consult Mountain T.O.P.  for availability.

For two days, groups repair, remodel, or begin new projects within the camp in order to help Mountain T.O.P. remain operable year-round.

For the other two days, groups are also engaged within the community through home repair projects such as bedroom or bathroom renovation, roof repair, floor replacement, drywalling, painting, or any other expressed need. Projects are planned based on the skill levels of group participants.

Service Area

Located on the Cumberland Plateau, Mountain T.O.P's service area spans across seven Appalachians counties. Three of those counties are economically distressed-ranked  in the worst 10% of the nation. This region is often referred to as the "Forgotten Appalachia." It is our goal as a ministry to meet the community's four needs and to educate participants about rural Appalachia and the solutions that are currently being implemented. 

Resource Guide

Spring Break Out 2019 Contact Person Resource Guide: Welcome to the guide with (nearly) all the resources you’ll need to prepare a successful trip to Mountain T.O.P.! We are thrilled that you have decided to follow Jesus to the Cumberland Plateau and serve with us. It is certainly no small task to organize a mission trip for a group of youth and adults, so it with abounding gratitude that I extend my appreciation for the work you will be investing into this trip and, ultimately, the kingdom of God

2019 Spring Registration Packet


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