Our Team

Meet Mountain TOP’s incredible full time staff members. Feel free to connect with us at info@mountain-top.org or at 931-692-3999.

Ed web_MG_3303 (1).jpg

Ed Simmons

Executive Director

Julie_MG_3308 (3).jpg

Julie keel

Program Director

Program Team

Rachael_MG_3176 (1).jpg

Rachael osborn

Senior Program Manager

Elizabeth Web_MG_3230 (1).jpg

Elizabeth WHeeler

Marketing and Recruitment

logtin web 2000_MG_3259 (1).jpg

Loftin Davoult

Ministry Intern

Chad_MG_3350 (1).jpg

Chad Pasinger

Resource Management


Field Team

Dan Web_MG_3126.jpg

Dan Eby

Service Area Manager

Cody_MG_3065 (2).jpg

COdy JorstAd

Service Area Manager


Summer Staff

2018 Summer Staff

We are so proud of the 2018 Summer Staff. This staff made incredible strides within the communities and in their own personal spiritual journeys. We are currently accepting applications for the 2019 Summer Staff.