Major Home Repair Projects

Roofing project

The 25 year shingles installed in the 1990’s on this 1960’s home were quickly approaching the end of their lifespan. There were known leaks around the two chimneys of the house and other spots that had been patched in the past. We installed all new metal over the roof and replaced flashing along the chimneys. The shingles were not removed, but instead 1x4 purlins were installed on top of the existing roof. Interior work included replacing the ceiling in the small addition, as that has seen the majority of the water damage.


siding project

Notice of structural damage with this home became apparent when the floor began to sink. Deteriorated siding had left part of the framing exposed as well as revealing damage to the rim joists. Leaking windows contributed to the overall state of disrepair. Over a span of 6 weeks, we made extensive repairs starting with the rim joists. New housewrap and HardiePlank cement siding were installed. The old, leaking windows were replaced with new, energy efficient, vinyl windows. In the near future, we plan to address the roof issues by replacing it with a new, corrugated metal roof.


siding project

The cedar shingles which were siding this home were originally scrap material when the home was built, and over time they have dried out leaving many large gaps and cracks. Combined with the lack of house wrap and sheathing on the gabled ends, this home was very energy inefficient. Mountain T.O.P.’s main focus was correcting this by first repairing or replacing the house wrap and sheathing where it was damaged or missing. We also replaced the cedar shingles with Hardie Plank cement lap siding and the old windows with a more energy efficient version.