Staff Camp Assignments

2019 Staff Camp Assignments

We are excited to introduce the 2019 Staff Camp Assignments! During Staff Training we revealed which camp each staffer would be calling home for the next 8 weeks! We couldn’t be happier with each staff! They are coming together and creating an incredible mission experiences for this summer!

You can support summer staffers in a few ways: you can send letters and packages, contribute to their partnerships, add them to your church’s prayer list, and send emails. Do you have another idea? Awesome, email Elizabeth ( the details! Looking for a mailing address? Click here to find the best mailing address for your staffer!

2019 Summer Staff Reveal

Pines Staff: Weeks 2, 4 and 6


Pines Even Staff from left to right: Brien McChesney (Program Manager), Reed Sexton (Ministry Coordinator), Kara Painter (Day Camp Manager), Mollie Sullivan ( Ministry Coordinator), Halle Marie (Ministry Coordinator), Rachel Join (Service Project Manager), and Matt Eby (Camp Director).



Pines Odd: Weeks 1, 3, & 5


Pines Odd Staff from top left to right: Elliot Parsons (Service Project Manager), Sam Buffler (Ministry Coordinator), Austin Fortinberry (Ministry Coordinator), Meredith Hartsook (Ministry Coordinator), Krtisten Guglielmo (Ministry Coordinator), Haley Rhoads (Program Manager), Caroline Hurst (Day Camp Manager), Emma Richards (Director), and Jessica Fox (Ministry Coordinator).



Baker Evens: Weeks 2, 4 & 7


Baker Even Staff from left to right: Jeremiah Grimm (Ministry Coordinator), Liz Murray (Program Manager), Connnor Boyce (Camp Director), Sophie Richards (Ministry Coordinator), Jackie Weisel (Ministry Coordinator), and Simeon C’Debaca (Service Project Manager).



Baker Odd: Weeks 1, 3 & 5


Pines Even Staff from left to right: Devin Rutt (Ministry Coordinator), Sarah Kelley (Ministry Coordinator), Kate Foltz (Program Manager), Jacob Moore (Service Project Manager), Kayla Cave (Ministry Coordinators), Loftin Davoult ( Camp Director), and Hanna Holman (Ministry Coordinator).



Senior High Camp (SHC)


Senior High Camp Staff from left to right: Allison Waller (Day Camp Manager), Steven Stinson (Service Project Manager), and Jess Semaan (Director).