Discernment: How do I know if I should I apply?

Mountain TOP is a faith based ministry. We are rooted in the call Jesus gave to his disciples to learn how to be fishers of people and to meet the needs of those we encounter (Matthew 4:18-20; Matthew 25:34-40;44). 

At Mountain TOP, we believe we are all called to participate in these foundational objectives of our faith. We also know learning how and where we fulfill these calls can be full of uncertainty and confusion. We are pulled in many directions to do lots of different jobs or activities and to get involved here or there. 

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely at some point you’ve been interested in working at Mountain TOP.  

Generally folks fall into 3 camps when it comes to working at Mountain TOP.

  • You know Mountain T.O.P. is the place for you to be and feel a strong draw to a ministry here serving Jesus. You know you want to work at Mountain TOP.

  • You know Mountain TOP is not the best place for you to serve Jesus and have other plans. You know you don’t want to work at Mountain TOP.

  • You aren’t sure where you’re wanting to be or you may feel strong draws in many different directions! You’re not sure where the best place is for you to serve Jesus. 

Regardless of which camp you fall in, discernment is a good way to understand where God wants you to be. 

Prayer is the fist step and should be used throughout the process.

Because we want our staff to make decisions rooted in faith. We expect those who apply to Mountain TOP to offer this decision to God. Sometimes God gives strong direction for people to be on our summer staff. Other times directions seem hazy. Regardless of the response, Prayer is still an expectation we have for our staff in their decision making process. 

An important prayer to pray when making decisions rooted in the practice of discernment is a prayer of indifference. Not indifference as unpassionate, This is a prayer modeled after Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. Luke 22:42 He said, “Father, if it’s your will, take this cup away from me. However, not my will but your will must be done.”

Offer your troubles up to the LORD.

No matter what doubts you or others have about you working somewhere. If you feel a strong call from God, you shouldn’t ignore it. 

Lay your burdens upon each other, 

In Galatians 6:2 Paul writes, “Carry Each other’s burdens and so you will fulfill the Law of Christ.” Nothing should happen in a vacuum. An important thing to do before you apply to any job is to ask others what they think. A lot of times other people can see things in you that you can’t see in yourself. Asking Friends, Family, or mentors can be a good way to find affirmation in decisions.  


What you think about yourself is a good indicator of whether you should apply for a job or not. Here are some questions to ask yourself that can help you figure out if you should apply for a job:

  • Does working here help me answer a call Jesus places on my heart? 

  • Do I want to work for this company? 

  • Does this company have similar values as me?

  • Do my gifts and talents support this job?

  • Am I qualified for the position? 

  • Am I passionate about the work I’ll be doing for this company? 

  • What do my finances look like?

  • Will this job help me grow professionally and as a person? 

  • Is this company committed to its employees success?

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know the answer to all of these questions, but they are important questions to ask! At Mountain TOP we want our applicants to be in the place God calls them to be.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out about applying to be on our summer staff email chad@mountain-top.org.

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