Marketing and Recruitment Internship

Mountain T.O.P. is seeking an intern who will support the organization’s overall communications strategy in line with mission goals. Through this goal, Mountain T.O.P. will be able to build capacity in telling its story, and the intern will gain practical, nonprofit marketing skills along with vision based strategies that work.

Internship Project Focus Area(s) Primary: Communications and marketing Recruiting volunteers through storytelling, communications, marketing, nonprofit management.

Internships will be 10 weeks (late May – early August 2019) an average of 40hrs/week, with a stipend provided.

Internship Project Goal

Project Objective 1:

Project Objective 1: (5/27/2019 - 8/2/2019) Communications and Public Relations
The intern will procure press/publicity materials and research, write and edit online and newsletter content. The work of this intern will be used in Mountain T.O.P.’s website, press releases and newsletters.

Objective 1 Activities:

  • Understand the mission of Mountain T.O.P. through training, visiting families in the service area, and

    engaging with community stakeholders

  • Research topics important to Mountain T.O.P.’s mission, including but not limited to: Appalachia, poverty,

    housing, social determinants of health, partnership, resilience, and social connectedness.

  • Synthesize research topics to formulate content that aids in Mountain T.O.P.’s goals to be a thought

    leader and create buzz for Mountain T.O.P.’s programs.

  • Field media requests and coordinate fulfillment as well as maintain a tracking system and archive for all

    press materials.

Assist in compiling data for future event marketing and media recaps.

Project Objective 2:

Project Objective 2: (5/27/2019 - 8/2/2019) Graphic Design
The intern will have the opportunity to support the brand of Mountain T.O.P. by taking on a variety of creative projects, in addition to assisting with layout and photo retouching on a regular basis.

Objective 2 Activities:

  • Understand the vision of Mountain T.O.P., through research, participating in programs, etc., so that it can

    be portrayed visually.

  • Offer ideas and input on graphic design and projects to help sustain Mountain T.O.P.’s brand and voice.

  • Create graphic content for things such as online ads, posters, flyers, and brochures.

Project Objective 3:

Project Objective 3: (5/27/2019 - 8/2/2019) Social Media Marketing
The intern will support Mountain T.O.P.’s brand by using social networking tools such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs and others.

Objective 3 Activities:

  •  Work closely with the Program Manager - Marketing and Recruiting to plan and implement

    comprehensive social media strategies and maximize the impact of social media initiatives in line with

    Mountain T.O.P.’s mission.

  •  Maintain appropriate measurement tools to determine the ROI of social media initiatives.

  •  Provide analysis and insight into the effectiveness of social media initiatives.

  •  Create ongoing conversations with key influencers, current and potential stakeholders, and community


Project Objective 4:

Project Objective 4: (5/27/2019 - 8/2/2019) Google Adwords
The intern will assist with developing and managing Mountain TOP's SEO and Google Adwords campaign initiatives.

Objective 4 Activities:

  • Create, launch, and manage Google Adwords campaigns.

  • Perform keyword research relevant for both SEO and Adwords.

  •  Update website pages with relevant keywords to enhance organic visibility.

  • Provide detailed reports on visibility and performance.

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